Bathroom Tiles: Types, Trends & Tips

August 28, 2019
August 28, 2019 admin

Bathroom tiles are manufactured piece of hard materials which are then formed into stone, metal, ceramic & glasses, and they are actually used for covering your floors and walls to give a glamour look.

Tiles are usually used to cover your walls and floors. You’ll see a large variety of tiles from Simple Square to complex and mosaic tiles which can be installed anywhere in your house, but if we talk specifically about the interior section of the house, then most of the people consider using glass, concrete, cork and other compositions that suits them.

Why do we install Bathroom Tiles?

The bathroom in a house is the most essential and multifunction room whether you want to take a quick shower, bath in a tub, pampering your children or making your hair, we spent a lot of time in the washroom. And it is compulsory that we make our washroom look graceful and functional, so that ain’t nobody hesitates to go in there.

If we talk about the bathroom tiles, then tiles have become the latest trend for bathroom, and it is probably because they are easy to clean and mostly water resistance. You can install the washroom tiles with different variations, from classic to modern and if you want your bathroom to look sophisticated, then you have to go for modern bathroom tiles.

Type of Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles come up with many varieties and variations, but you’ve to choose everything wisely because not every bathroom tile fits for wet areas. One of the critical factors before choosing the bathroom tiles is that the tile must not absorb water, and it must be slip resistant. We are about to break down some of the best bathroom tiles for you, let’s get into the action straightway!


1. Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are made from the mixture of clay that is pressed into shapes through the heat in the industries. You can use Porcelain tiles in your bathroom because these tiles are water resistant, moisture absorbent, fireproof, and durable.

You can also clean porcelain tiles quickly, with ease, and they are easy to maintain as well if the tiles are broken. If you want any specific color, texture, design, size, and shape, then you can get all of them once you visit the ceramic shop.

2. Natural Stone Tiles

We have seen natural stone tiles being used for outside space of the home to make their walls look attractive and eye-catching. You can use these tiles for indoor décor, washroom and on the ground for giving your home a whole new sophisticated look.

If you’re willing to install natural stone tiles as your bathroom tiles, then you’ve to keep one thing in your mind which is, natural stone tiles aren’t water resistant, and you’ve to install a waterproof membrane to kick off slippery from your bathroom.


3. Glass Tiles

If you’ve money saved in your bank account and you want to give your home an extremely premium look, then glass tiles are for you. If you’re looking to install glass tiles in the washroom, then these tiles are going to improve the aesthetic appeal and would make your bathroom look a place to spend your time with pleasure.

You can design the glass tile according to your choice because they are easy to cut and can be shaped as per your choice. You’ll find a large variety of glass tiles when you go to the ceramic shop and can find designs, shape, and sizes so that you can adjust everything in your washroom.

4. Marble Tiles

If you’re looking for elegancy and softness in natural stones, then marble tiles are for you. You can’t install them in your washroom because of slip-falls, but you can install them in your lawns, porch, walls and open areas.

There come some marbles in the market which can be used in the washrooms and you can select a limited color for them. But you have to make sure that you ask the outlet owner about the water resistant thing and they will tell you all the details about their product.

5. Granite Tiles

Granite tiles are the same as natural stones which are durable and eye-catching. This product of ceramic is available in different styles, shapes, and texture and you can clean and maintain them easily once you install them in your washroom.

If we talk about the features of granite tiles, then you’ll find these tiles nonporous, stain and scratch resistance, water resistance and cannot be faded by intense weather conditions. You can consider this tile for walls, bathroom, and bathtub surrounds.

In a Nutshell

It is better to make your complete research on bathroom tiles before you go to the market and buy one for you. You must keep all the above-given tiles and factors of choosing the right tiles for your washroom into your consideration when going for a ceramic shop.

If you have any question regarding the above topic, then feel free to comment down below. We will try to reach you in a flash and answer your query. Cheers!

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