Beginners guide to choosing outdoor tile types and design ideas

August 28, 2019
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Outdoor Tile Types

When it comes to building a house, the very first thing which hits your mind is how my welcoming spaces are going to look? Guess what, the problem of thinking about your outdoor décor is solved by outdoor tile types which you can use with royalty and excellence. Your unadorned outside spaces or worn out looking walls can be transformed into something unique and eye-catching with the help of right tile.

If you’re an addict of natural stones and want them to be implemented on your wall then you’ve to be very choosy among different variations of the outdoor tile types. Natural stones come up with tiles, pavers and slabs but tiles are the only product which you can adjust for both indoor and outdoor products.

In this article, we will be telling you guys a complete guide on choosing a right outdoor tile types so that you don’t have to stress out when go to a ceramic shop. Let’s get started!


5 ways of choosing the best Outdoor tile types

We are just keeping everything simple and sticking to some basics criteria, so that you won’t go wrong and must not be guided poorly. Here we go!

1. Keep Climate in your Mind

It’s not about always spending the money, YES money can let you buy everything but spending the money in a right direction is worth it. When choosing a outdoor tile for you, you’ve to keep climate in your mind because your geographical location and weather patterns might affect your outdoor tiles big time.

For the outdoor spaces, you can go for the travertine, marble and slate because it will work perfectly for you in all the seasons. These materials can absorb intense sunlight and rain as well and guess what your outdoor tile won’t be faded even after intense weather conditions and rugged beauty and durability would be the last thing you’re going to witness from these products.

Here’s the suggestion for Hot Summer and Extreme Frost Conditions.

Summer: Porcelain (UV Resistance)
Winter: Porcelain (Durability and Low Porosity)

In-short, Porcelain is the best choice for all the weathers because it gives you the best value for your money.

2. Slip-Resistance Outdoor Tile

If you’re using the tiles only for the walls décor purposes then it’s fine to use slippery tiles but if you’re looking to decorate your outdoor surface with a slippery tile then you might be in a trouble. Slip-falls are considered as the number cause of accidents happening in homes these days and that’s all because of tiles that we are using.

There’s no doubt that you’ll be going for the tile which tugs at your heartstrings without looking at the frequent factor of slippery tile but it can comes out to be a disaster for you and your family in rainy, humid or misty weather.

All you have to do is to ask the owner of the shop whether the outdoor tile which you’re about to buy is slippery or not. If your selected outdoor tile types are not slippery then go for it, if it is slippery then please reconsider your choice.

3. Choose Colors Carefully

Choosing the right color for your outdoor spaces is often leaving unnoticed by the owners and they end up choosing the unmatched things. This is rather confusing and surprising that why people do not choose tiles that matches their sofas, curtains, walls and contrast that favors.

When going for choosing a outdoor tile, keep the rule of thumb in your mind which is to choose light colored tiles for the darkest areas and darker tiles for the tone down brightly areas.

4.  Your Own Design Idea

Before you go to the outlet of ceramic, you need to make a mind and have to decide what exactly the thing you’re striving for is. If your outdoor space is near to the swimming pool or you’re planning to décor an area near to meditation zone. Is it your near to your entertainment area or you’re going for an Italian Coffee-corner, you’ve to make your mind wisely before buying a tile.

The question seems to be very obvious and 90% of the people must think about it before they go for a outdoor tile types menu. If you’re not sure about the idea that you’re about to bring up on your new house, then you might end up doing something silly and unpleasant with your walls. So, it’s better to think before you buy outdoor tiles!

 5. Synchronize outdoor tiles with style of your home

We all believe that our outdoor tiles must be attractive and give a glamorous look but there’s absolutely no point of selecting a tile which doesn’t fits in with your home décor and pre-existing style of your home.

How would it feels when you’ve got a aesthetic and alluring home décor but everything gets ruined by outdoor tiles? Aren’t you going to feel bad? We guess yes, because your little mistake can make your all money go in a waste. So, choosing everything wisely is that we recommend you pals.

In a Nutshell

If you’re looking to decorate your porch, jazz up your backyard, modify your walkways or re-consider changes in your outdoor spaces, you’ve to keep all the above 5 criteria’s in your mind so that you can discover the best outdoor tile types for you.

If you have any question regarding the topic, then feel free to comment down below. We will try to reach you in a flash and answer your query, Cheers!

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