Why We Fell in Love Porcelain Countertops (and Why You Probably Will Too)

November 25, 2019
November 25, 2019 admin

Why We Fell in Love with Porcelain Countertops (and Why You Probably Will Too)


These days, you likely have porcelain somewhere in your home. Due to its durability and versatility, it is hardly an uncommon tile. But porcelain is far more than practical! It can be a stunning, as well as very functional, part of your home.


If you love the clean and stylish look of marble countertops but are afraid of stains or if you adore the bold, modern impact of granite but it is too heavy for your existing structures, you are going to love porcelain counters.


First things first, let’s talk a little bit about what porcelain actually is and what it can be used for.


Porcelain tile is a dense, hard form of ceramic tile. It is very popular because it can be used almost anywhere. Known as one of the toughest and strongest tiles around, is commonly used for floors and walls. Due to its low absorption rate, it is also very water resistant so you will often find it in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens or exterior cladding.


But why use it for your counter?


There are many popular types of countertops such as granite and quartz, which are beautiful and have their own benefits, porcelain has been shockingly overlooked for a long time. Porcelain counters are becoming more popular because they check just about every box when it comes to the perfect daily use kitchen countertop.


Note, there are all kinds of porcelain countertops available but for this article we will be focusing on Stone Looking Porcelain Slabs. We love these because they offer a similar look to marble, granite, or limestone. They are tough enough for even busiest of kitchens.



6 Reasons to Consider for Porcelain Your Next Countertop

  1. First of all porcelain has a wide range of colors AND patterns. Most kitchens will use some sort of neutral for their counters such as white, gray, brown or black—all of which are available in porcelain slabs. However, porcelain also has various grains and marbled patterns. Below are a few of our favorite Florim and Fondovalle porcelain slabs, which we import from Italy.



2. Porcelain is available in larger slab sizes than natural stone so you can cover an entire kitchen counter or even an island with a single slab! And even if you aren’t covering a huge area, large slabs mean fewer seams, quicker installation and overall reduced costs.

Tile Shown: Fondovalle Calacatta White Matt


3. Porcelain is practically everything resistant! It is water resistant, scratch resistant, stain resistant and heat resistant (up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit!) What more could you ask from a kitchen counter?



4. If you are looking for an eco-friendly choice, porcelain is a great option!


5. Porcelain counters require little to NO maintenance. Unlike natural stones, which require sealing after installation and then regular sealing every few years, the fired glazing porcelain means it never has to be sealed. In addition, cleaning a porcelain counter is incredibly easy. In most cases, all you need is warm water and a damp cloth. Porcelain does not have pores, like some stones, that can collect water, oil and bacteria.


6. Porcelain is 30% stronger than granite but much lighter than natural stone. In fact, in some cases, you can install the porcelain right over existing surfaces.



Final Thoughts

Porcelain is lightweight, durable, versatile, eco-friendly, and oh so chic. If you are looking for

modern counter that will easily withstand day to day use, porcelain slabs might just be the right choice for you. Here at Imperial Tile & Stone, we import our slabs from the highest quality manufacturers in Italy. Our expert team scouts the world to find the best pieces so you can rest assured that your tile will be the very best.

Now one thing to keep in mind before you deck your whole house out in porcelain, we highly recommended that you work with a qualified professional who has experience installing porcelain slabs.

Inspired by these porcelain slab designs? Call or email our team for samples, suggestions and answers to all your questions.

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